Agree to the terms and conditions of the MyBreakthrough program by paying the exorbitant $1.00 per month registration fee HERE.  Nothing else, no upsells or undisclosed catches or word games.

In case your Spidey senses are tingling, this is not a bait-and-switch.  This is a sincere 20X offer strictly to prove what you can do with the right content, information and training and WE PROMISE...if you are lucky enough to be admitted to the will not be asked to commit, pledge or a promise anything more than $1.00 per month, for three months.  Not a penny more and no holding back on our part of the goodies.  No hook at the end and no more dollars required from you to get the Breakthrough in results you’ve been promised.  I will not betray your trust   When people make promises to me, I expect them to keep them.  I expect you, my fellow members hold me to that same standard.  Together we’re going beyond what others have said are the limits of education and training for real estate investors.

Bring your own hunger to succeed, and any information, training and experience you may already have.

If a breakthrough is what you seek then click the link below to apply and become a candidate. Personally, I promise you that by learning and using these mental and emotional strategies and tools I have used with over 500 coaching clients, many of whom you know, that you will be breaking through the invisible limits put on us, by ourselves or in some cases we have allowed others to put on us. This will be a journey that will change your life forever and those whom you care about and will care about in the future.

I’m willing to INVEST IN YOU.  To prove to everyone and to a skeptical world, that there is literally nothing we cannot achieve by working together.  And, it starts here and now .

What you need to know about the MyBreakthrough Program:

For that investment, you get to attend all the live and virtual meetings, you get access to all benefits and tools provided by National REIA & REIFA, and you get 3 months of coaching both individual and group.  

You will get:

  • One on one barrier identification session with Scott where you will get totally clear on what's stopping you.
  • You will have a process in a small no limits team that works together to break through your limits.
  • You will get trained in using our proprietary technology process with Google.
  • You will be given a support network and how to create and build it so that when the competition or events conspire to stop you, that you and your network can handle it easily.
  • Find how to go beyond the personal limits that we all have but few discover and learn how to go beyond.
  • How to create and lead as a trusted authority.

Spots are limited!  Only 12 spots are available.

The rules of the game are as follows:

  • You agree to not hold back and to play full out.

  • You promise to attend all three live face-to-face meetings.

  • You have access to a late model computer, smartphone, and high speed interent.

  • You will attend online virtual meetings as well.  Time permitting!

  • This program is an exclusive promotion for specific chapters of National REIA and REIFA. .

  • Participants apply and are chosen in advance of the general meeting.

  • You’ve decided that “You’re in”.  Time to register, CLICK HERE to pay your $1.00 per mo. registration fee.

  • After you have decide to breakthrough, you register, signup for $1 per month for three months.  You will then receive your Breakthrough Questionaire by CLICKING HERE.  Filling that out and sending it in early will ensure your access to breaking thru.